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Imagine a few women, who gather after hours, thanks to co-owners Gladys Clayson and Judy Shelton, at Patches Quilt Shop in Newark to share fabric, compare techniques, and enjoy quilting. In November, 1981, they organize, revising bylaws used by the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Guild.

1981 Organizes as a guild.
1982 Publishes first newsletter.
1983 Adopts Bylaws.
Conducts first Alameda County Fair quilting demonstration.
Holds first quilt show at the Fremont Fashion Center.
1984 Receives non-profit status.
Donates first Community Quilt to a local shelter.
Holds general meetings at the Newark Community Center.
1985 Moves quilt show location to the Veterans Hall, Niles.
Demonstrates quilting at Ardenwood Historic Farm grand opening.
Receives Alameda County Art Commission grant for quilt show.
1986 Moves meetings to Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church, Newark.
1987 Visits sister guild, Prairie Piecemakers Club, in Fremont, Nebraska.
Chooses new name for newsletter, Piecemakers Press.
1994 Incorporates and adopts new bylaws.
Wins Best of Show at Alameda Country Fair for the 1994 Opportunity Quilt.
1996 Moves quilt show location to the Fremont Senior Center.
2001 Moves quilt show location to the Newark Community Center.
2003 Moves quilt show location to Centennial Hall in Hayward.


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